Terms and conditions

1. General provisions

1.1 These terms describe and determine conditions that regulate the use of web page (further referred to as the portal) www.hej.ipko.com property of IPKO.

1.2 IPKO reserves the right to change each part of the portal and delete each part of its content without prior notice.

2. Allowed and forbidden acts

2.1 It is allowed for the user of web page to create connections, if the logo of the portal is included. The connection cannot be made on the pages with illegal and immoral content. With a request from IPKO the owner or manager of web page, where the connection is located, must immediately remove the connection.

2.2 Accept on the above mention case, in other places and/or other Medias it is not allowed without IPKO’s permission to publish, reproduce, distribute or use the logo of the portal hej-en.ipko.com.

2.3 The portal is not particularly authorized for activities below:

  • Discriminations, for example regarding race, ethnicity, religion or political and sexual orientation are not allowed;
  • Application of such activities on the portal are against the law;
  • Use of portal services for sending inappropriate messages;
  • Any harassment of users through the use of IPKO services.

3. Services and access

3.1 A user that uses services of hej-en.ipko.com enabled through mobile phones and through internet, with access to different content, and/or content of web page hej-en.ipko.com as an individual and their level of interactivity also the method of access to web page – or access through www or Wap connections or web page. The user can enter the portal through mobile phone which has a suitable internet browser.

3.2 On IPKO hej-en.ipko.com portal, there are additions (additional applications) available with entertaining content for mobile phones and computers. The utilization is regulated by these conditions. Any mobile or computer additions and entertaining content are configured by the user of hej-en.ipko.com portal on his/her computer or mobile phone on his/her own responsibility. IPKO will not be responsible for payments of expenses made by the use of computer or other mobile equipments or connections of internet or transfer of content, or any prior damage because of transfer or installation of content produced on mobile phone or user’s PC.

3.3 For purchase of goods or services on hej-en.ipko.com as a portal where the work is paid through terminals of mobile phones or when the payment is connected to SIM card of user, in this case general conditions for use of electronic communication services of IPKO (further referred to as SPU) special conditions for use of movable electronic communications services and Conditions of activity (further referred to as KV) are going to be applied. In case of a conflict between these terms and SPU or SPU provisions or KV will predominate.

3.4 During the use of services or content with payment on hej-en.ipko.com portal or during the use of content with payment, the user in order to use these services or in order to access these services will be charged based on valid pricelist for these services and in a way stated during the use or access to services. The pricelist is published on hej-en.ipko.com portal.

3.5 If during ordering services or content with payment will not be otherwise stated, the price for use of paid services or for access to services with payment the user who uses the services through subscription will be charged, on their regular monthly invoice for use of IPKO services, for users of mobile telephony the amount for payment will be deducted from the remain of their account credit.

3.6 During the use of paid services or during purchase of content because of which the nature of the service and the method of access to content, where the return of the content accepted is not possible, the uses has no right to annul the contract accept if otherwise determined by the law.

3.7 If the user violates these conditions, then IPKO can suspend the use of hej-en.ipko.com portal.

4. Limitation of guarantees

4.1 IPKO will work on hej-en.ipko.com portal to secure new information’s, but alerts the users of portal that the character of information is not guaranteed and IPKO will not take any responsibility regarding the accuracy and the entire page. IPKO will not take any responsibility for any mistakes in content and correctness and accuracy of published information’s, which were obtained because of time difference, of mistakes of information’s registered and other reason. All users use the content of published information’s on their responsibility.

5. Profile hej-en.ipko.com

5.1 User of hej-en.ipko.com can create one profile on hej-en.ipko.com. The profile can be created through entering a desired name, password and a valid e-mail address or by creating a profile on Facebook Connect, with the name of the user and the password of Facebook social network.

5.2 A user who doesn’t wish to use a profile he/she can delete it.

6. Copyrights

6.1 The content available on hej-en.ipko.com portal is allowed to be reviewed and reproduced for noncommercial personal purposes. The content is the property of web page administrator, IPKO or a third parties (for example the content that belongs to event organizers, or creators, presented on the webpage and the content presented and published) and the user doesn’t benefit any property, author or connected rights. The user has the right to use the content only for foreseen purposes and for noncommercial personal purposes. The content cannot be changed, transcribed, republished or expanded even for commercial purposes and for those noncommercial ones, without written permission and approved by IPKO. In case of any such use of content of these pages, all signs of author’s rights and industrial property rights should be saved as well as other notifications and warnings.

6.2 Video recordings which are placed on Dogaja.Itak webpage are not property of webpage creator, so IPKO will not be held responsible for content and their activities. Video recordings are published through YouTube web service.

6.3 Brands which appear on the portal are registered commercial brands, property or licensed either by IPKO or other companies in her ownership. Any use of these brands is forbidden without prior written consent by the owner of these rights. Signs, which are not registered like brands, are protected based on regulations of copyrights.

7. Privacy conditions

7.1 For use of some parts of hej-en.ipko.com portal the user must be logged in with his/her user name and password. By registering on the portal, the user agrees that all his/her private information’s which were declared during the process of creation of user name and use of the hej-en.ipko.com portal are used in a method and a way described in continuation of these conditions.

7.2 IPKO is committed that personal user information obtained through hej-en.ipko.com portal is saved and is not passed to other third parties.

7.3 IPKO is committed to protect the privacy of user of hej-en.ipko.com portal. Information’s for use of portal’s webpage, which will be gathered automatically and will not enable the control of personal information’s, IPKO will use those information’s only for the purpose of improving the use of the portal.

7.4 Personal information’s declared by the user during the process of creating the user name and during the use of hej-en.ipko.com portal will be processed and used to secure direct information’s over the new services of hej-en.ipko.com portal and for controlling the usability of hej-en.ipko.com portal and services by the user, in accordance with these conditions, SPU, KV and instructions for use of services.

7.5 Personal information’s will be gathered, processed and saved even one year after the last use of hej-en.ipko.com portal, where the registration with username was obligatory.

8. Other Conditions

8.1 IPKO will not be responsible for occasional malfunctioning of the portal, any inaccurate information and any damage that result from inaccurate and incomplete information not even for malfunctioning of internet access by the provider.

8.2 Because on hej-en.ipko.com portal some certain connection exists which are not connected to the portal and are beyond IPKO control, IPKO cannot guarantee and cannot accept or take into consideration any complaint regarding the accuracy of content of any page, for which it offers connection or preference and doesn’t take any responsibility for protection of information’s on these pages.

9. Final provisions

9.1 These conditions will enter into force on 16.05.2012

9.2 These conditions publish on IPKO web pages